Food shouldn’t cause shame or guilt. You deserve a relationship with food that brings you joy and satisfaction. By healing your relationship with food, you create more space to embrace the beauty of life, and reclaim all that is yours. You can live nourished and celebrate all parts of your life!
With emphasis on plant-centered nutrition, Prana Nutrition uses movement, mindfulness, and personalized nutrition to help people decrease inflammation and live vibrantly!
As a Registered Dietitian I can show you that eating nourishing, whole, plant-based foods can transform your well-being on all levels (mind-body-spirit). I will teach you how to tune in to your own needs and values, and understand what inspires you to do more in life. You will find the connection within to stay mindfully present and balanced, and start to feel whole again.
I'm here to help you take your health and wellness to the next level by optimizing the way you think about food. Contact me to get started on your path to health!



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“What can I say about the diet that saved my life?I was diagnosed with SLE lupus.
When I began LEAP my symptom survey was 134. After 10 days my score was 11! I began to see improvements very quickly and this became my motivation for success. Foods I thought I couldn’t live without became foods I didn’t crave it all. I lost 18 lbs. as a side effect but it wasn’t because of lack of calories.Now I’m a different person. I’m on half the amount of medications I was before and my chemo dose is lowered to the smallest amount they can prescribe.
Jen was so helpful and supportive, I could not have done it without her. I am grateful every day that she helped me find an answer, and resolve what I was going through. I couldn’t be more grateful for LEAP! ”

Elizabeth Pelaez

LEAP client

“My doctor referred me to Jennifer and after meeting with her, I’m glad he did! I’ve wanted to make the switch to a plant-based diet for a while and have been taking small steps towards that. Jennifer helped me complete that goal. She’s knowledgeable, open, friendly and passionate about what she does. That comes through in her enthusiasm and willingness to share information and answer questions. I appreciate her approach and would recommend contacting her if you need help making a smart, informed switch to a plant-based lifestyle.”

Karen Sawicki

Nutrition Reset client

“Jennifer was fantastic. Very down to earth and easy to talk to. I was looking for a vegan dietitian to provide me some pointers and information. I would recommend her to anyone. Vegan or not!”

Fernando Perez

Bite Size client

“Jennifer was wonderful to work with. My main reason for seeking a Nutritionist/ Dietitian was to lose a bit of weight and increase my natural energy levels. Jennifer listened to my concerns and helped me tailor my diet to what works best for ME. I loved the micronutrient test and I'm seeing improvements in both of my areas of concern. With all of the information floating around the internet, I felt it was important to speak with an educated professional. Jennifer also helped me to find some yummy alternatives that work well for my new lifestyle!”

Whitney McFee

Nutrition Reset client

“Jennifer was the perfect fit to help me make the jump to eating plant-based in a healthy way! She was incredibly knowledgeable, supportive, and encouraging, while still being very realistic about what was possible for my busy life. I have lost weight, regained my energy, and finally feel that I have achieved a healthier relationship with my diet. Working with her has given me the confidence I needed to feel good about how I eat and live.”

Morgan W

Living Well client


Get started on your plant-powered journey right now!

The Plant-Powered Plate: Easy Steps to a Plant-Based Diet is a 28-page transition guide written by a Jen (a plant-based registered dietitian)! It’s designed to help anyone who is looking to transition to a whole-foods, plant-based diet. This e-book is perfect for you if you’re ready to get started but you’re just not sure where to begin. The Plant-Powered Plate explains just what is and is not considered a whole-foods, plant product and you’ll learn how to create meals that are both delicious and healthy! Inside you’ll find tips and tricks to master the art of plant-based eating, and throughout the e-book there are journal prompts and fill-in-the-blanks that are designed to help you stay on track with your new diet and lifestyle.

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    This complete ebook includes a grocery store checklist, recipes, supplement recommendations, and tips to help you make the switch from the standard American diet to a whole-foods, plant-based diet! It’s perfect for beginners who are just starting out with a plant-based diet, but includes information that is helpful for even seasoned plant-based eaters. The benefits of going plant-based include weight loss, increased energy, improved sleep, decreased risk for chronic disease, decreased carbon footprint, decreased inflammation, and so much more! Your health is the most valuable resource you have, so why not invest in it? Jen includes a list of valuable tools you can use to further your knowledge and experience with a plant-based diet, throughout the ebook. She offers opportunities to continue your journey and take your health to the next level by working with her one-on-one. If you’re ready to take the next step in your health and wellness goals then this ebook is for you!
    Get lifetime access to this incredible bundle for just $9.99!



● Interviewed for Be Well West Chester, PA Podcast  ● Featured in 8 Health Benefits of Flaxseed That Prove It’s A Superfood for Bustle ● Contributed to Redfin’s 17 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint At Home ● Interviewed for Plant-Based Diets and Immune Health for Chlorophyll Water ● Featured in What the Heck is Seitan? for The ● Featured in This is What Happens to Your Body When You Go Plant-Based for The ● Featured in A Guide to Special Diets: Plant-Based, Vegan et al for The Plum Online ● Appeared on Great Day Live Tampa Bay to discuss healthy breakfast options ● Featured in 5 Avocado Benefits You Should Know for Lucky Vitamin ● Superfood Summer Salad Recipe featured on Bella Prana Yoga & Meditation Studio’s blog ● Mentioned in Fupping’s 15 Books About Yoga and Meditation to Read in 2019 (my suggestion is #11) ● Named one of PeopleMaven’s 2019 Nutritionists for the New Year ● The Pros and Cons of Baby-Led Weaning for Nanny Magazine ● Featured in 11 Things That Can Happen When You Go Vegan For A Month for ● Featured in The Pros and Cons of Eating Meat for The Epoch Times ● Interviewed for What RDs Do for Something Nutrishus ● Mentioned in Dr. Ayala's Magic Spice article on the best wellness apps currently available ● Mentioned in 50 Ways to Have a Healthier Fall for Reader’s Digest ● Featured in Fake Meat: the Future of Food? for The Epoch Times
● Featured in The Best Vegan Meat Substitutes for
● Published in The Integrative RDN newsletter, "A Plant-Based Diet Approach to Diabetes"


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