Encouraging Your Littles to Eat Well

Encouraging Your Littles to Eat Well

If you are a parent, then one of the major ways in which you can ensure your kids have a good start in life is by helping them to eat well. When we eat good food on a regular basis, we improve almost every aspect of our health, so if you can start your kids off when they are young, it is going to make an enormous difference in the long run. Let’s take a look at what you can do to encourage your kids to have a better diet now and in the future.

  • Set An Example

One of the best things you can do is set a positive example when it comes to food and meal times. You can do that by eating balanced meals yourself, making a point of prioritizing your health in all concerns, and ensuring that you are developing a healthy attitude to food which kids can mirror. If you can do that, your children are going to follow suit more likely, and eat well into adulthood.2.

  • Use Reward & Encouragement

Rather than using sugar as a reward for good behavior, consider using healthy food or a non-food reward instead. At the same time, find ways to encourage their good eating habits, so that this process is a cyclical one and therefore much more powerful on the whole. By using reward and encouragement in this way, you are going to be helping your child to develop the right neural connections when it comes to healthy food - and this is something that is going to stay with them for life.

  • Consider Feeding Therapy

Sometimes, a child might be having specific problems when it comes to their diet and how they are psychologically approaching their food. When this becomes apparent, you are going to want to ensure that you do something about it before it becomes a bigger problem. Fortunately, there is a powerful solution known as feeding therapy, which is designed to do exactly this. With good feeding therapy, your child can learn a better and healthier approach to food in general, and thereby improve their attitudes and habits considerably. That can really help with their diet throughout their lives.

  • Feed Them Well!

Finally, it might seem obvious, but you do need to make sure that you are also feeding your children in the right way, otherwise they are going to be much less likely to have a good diet now or later on in life. Above all, you should ensure that you are feeding them plenty of fruit and vegetables and other whole foods, and avoiding processed foods and sugar, or too much salt. You may want to work with a plant-based dietitian who has experience in pediatrics to make sure they are getting adequate micro and macronutrients to meet their needs. I’m happy to help in this area if needed!
If you can do those simple things, their diet will be a lot healthier and more natural - and their health will improve considerably along the way.