How to stay healthy during retirement

How to stay healthy during retirement

The end of 2021 also brought with it an end to my dad's career as an entrepreneur. After 30+ years in business, he decided to close up shop and pursue something different. As exciting as this is for us all (especially him), it presents new considerations.

When parents retire, their new free time can be a huge financial relief. But since they no longer have to work at their jobs and spend less money on gas and commuting costs, it's important to make sure they spend the money wisely. If you're wondering what to recommend for your parents as they enter this sudden life change, here are 6 things that will keep them healthy and happy during their retirement:

1) A high-quality medical plan

Saving up for health care expenses is something everyone should do, even if they aren't ready for retirement just yet. Saving $100 a month or more for that time can help your parents decide if moving into an assisted living center or staying in their home during retirement is the right choice for them.

2) A healthy diet

Many adults experience unintentional weight gain, including retirees. Setting up a grocery list and weekly order, ensures we always have fresh fruits and vegetables on hand. Eating healthy will help the body to age well and avoid some of the common conditions older citizens deal with, such as heart disease or diabetes.

3) An exercise regimen

Just because your parents aren't at the office doesn't mean they should abandon their regular workout schedule. If anything, more time means more opportunity to get in daily exercise (or at the least, weekly). It's easier than ever before to find a local gym or fitness class with senior discounts, so putting your parents in touch with a personal trainer can be a great way to keep them motivated and on track.

4) A hobby they love

Having something to look forward to after work is important for everyone, but especially for older citizens who have just retired from the workforce. Encourage your parents to get into an activity they always wanted to try but didn't have time for while working. If they've always been interested in sports, joining a recreational league is a logical choice. There are several classes offered at local community colleges as well.

5) Genuine friendships

Retirement can be a very lonely time for some, especially if their friends and family members are still working. One of the best ways to keep your parents happy and healthy is to make sure they have a group of people around them who love and support them through thick and thin. You might not see these people on a regular basis, but make sure your parents know they can call or visit at any time.

6) A home that's safe

Older citizens often struggle with feeling comfortable in the homes they've lived in for decades because it doesn't measure up to modern standards (bathrooms that are too small, doorways that aren't wide enough). Talk with your parents about remodeling projects like in an indoor pool or adding an extra bedroom that makes their home usable for another decade or so. This is not only beneficial for your parents but helps the economy overall by giving contractors, and building companies work to do. When the time is right, discuss a boarding care home with them as an alternative.

If you're looking to take care of your aging parents in the best way possible, seek advice from the necessary professionals such as a doctor and financial adviser who understands their complete needs.