The 3 Most Impactful Components of Good Nutrition

The 3 Most Impactful Components of Good Nutrition

Most of us know that many of the cliches we lived by in childhood are not always true. As we mature we realize that certain life lessons might be more nuanced than we had thought, or that judging people by arbitrary standards is often quite harmful. But sometimes, just sometimes, the lessons we learn, and the cliches we hear of do actually have some value.

‘You are what you eat’ could be included in that. After all, the composition of the food we eat does quite literally become our ability to stay alive, to enjoy motion, to heal and repair our bodies. As such, enjoying a great diet or eating poorly really does reflect on who we are and how we feel from day to day. As such, it’s important to use every tool we can to progress our goals in this sense, trying to become better and more wholesome people as a result.

But sometimes, we might not truly understand the full components of good nutrition we could use - let’s explore some of the lesser-spoken-of examples here:

Regular Mealtimes
Regular mealtimes are essential. It helps us keep our metabolism and digestion regularly paced and reliable. It makes sure that we can more easily track our calories and macros. It also means that we don’t forget to eat, or avoid eating too much, which can both cause problems. This is why often we see the best success with meal plans, meal prep for those who attend the gym regularly, or a senior meals program that takes into account every need of their clients. Good nutrition is only effective if it’s sustainable, and able to be done on a daily basis. Don’t be afraid to prioritize this!

Varied Diets
It’s important to make sure that we’re getting several different sources of good nutrition. Eating the same thing every day is possible, but it rarely contributes to nutritional diversity unless you have every single macro perfectly weighed, and even then, you will be missing out on certain vitamins and minerals from natural sources. For this reason, health authorities recommend not only a healthy diet - but a varied one, too.

Mineral Supplementation
As supermarket-dedicated soil is toiled time and time again, it loses some of the mineral density that may have infused other crops in the past. Some farms are using treatment agents in order to replenish the stocks of healthy minerals in the vegetables, but it might be that if you purchase from a large brand, your mineral supplementation is lacking. As such, it can be healthy to add this to our diet. Fulvic acid is known to be a great way of supplementing this effort, while you may also find that taking a multivitamin infused with minerals can help, too. In this way, you replenish that which you may be missing out on.With this advice, hopefully you can keep up with the three components of good nutrition that are rarely spoken about.